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Guidelines for The B.L.O.C.K. and Behavior Contract September 2022 - August 2023

  1. Revised 07/2022

  2. Guidelines for The B.L.O.C.K.

    The B.L.O.C.K. has been created for you, by you. Canton Township Leisure Services hopes that everyone enjoys the time spent here. In order for us to provide you with the best experience possible, we require that all participants follow these simple guidelines in order to ensure the safety and well being of all attendees.

    • Every participant must check in and out at the front desk every time they attend.
    • Participants must be signed into the facility in order to participate in sponsored activities.
    • Facility staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items, please leave valuables at home or store them in a secure location. Ask staff for assistance.
    • Appropriate dress is required. Participants should be within reasonable limits and subject to the facility Supervisor’s approval.
    •  All problems or incidents must be reported to a staff member or volunteer immediately.
    • Disrespecting staff, volunteers, peers, or equipment will not be tolerated, and could result in a dismissal from The B.L.O.C.K.
    • Foul language, fighting, and gambling are prohibited.
    • The possession or use of weapons, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products is prohibited. Appropriate action, including police involvement, will be taken against anyone violating this rule.
    • Any harassment, including sexual harassment and verbal slurs involving race, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.
  3. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the loss of B.L.O.C.K. privileges, up to, and including suspension and removal from the program.**The B.L.O.C.K. has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards violence of any kind. Related behavior will result in expulsion from The B.L.O.C.K. without refund**.

  4. The BLOCK utilizes the following progressive behavior modification strategy:
    1. A verbal warning is given to the participant in regards to the rule being violated.
    2. Supervisor is notified. Loss of activity time, usually taken off in 15-minute intervals. In more severe situations, larger intervals of time may be removed at the staff member's discretion.
    3. Conversation with the participant’s parents/guardians. Depending on the severity of the situation, this can be done immediately or at the time of pick-up.
    4. Suspension and/or removal from the program.
  5. Parents/Guardians are expected to model appropriate behavior for their own children and all participants of The B.L.O.C.K. In addition to adhering to the guidelines set forth for B.L.O.C.K. participants, the following behaviors by parents will not be tolerated:
    1. Harassing or using any language or actions with the intent to hurt, intimidate or humiliate any member of The B.L.O.C.K. staff.
    2. Verbal or physical abuse of any kind.
    3. Inappropriate communications of any kind (in person, through social media, etc.) with any B.L.O.C.K. staff member or participant.
  6. By signing below I acknowledge that I have read, reviewed, and agree to follow all of the above guidelines. I hereby acknowledge I am responsible for my behavior, and that of my child/children, and agree that we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the Guidelines set forth herein. I understand that a violation of these rules could result in permanent suspension and possible police involvement. I also acknowledge that Canton Township Leisure Services staff and administrative personnel reserve the right to, in situations judged extreme, modify the steps/interventions outlined above in a manner in which they deem appropriate, and in the best interest of the safety of all parties involved.
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