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Recycling Participation Survey

  1. Do you think recycling makes a difference?*
  2. How informed are you about what happens to recyclables after they get collected from homes?*
  3. Do you think recycled items are made into new things?*
  4. I have everything I need to do a good job of recycling:*
  5. Do you know which items are accepted as part of Canton's curbside program?*
  6. If your household is unsure whether an item is accepted in Canton curbside program, what do you do?*
  7. How often do you recycle?*
  8. Have you received or seen any communications from Canton regarding the curbside recycling program in the last 6-12 months?*
  9. If yes, where did you see it?
  10. Which of the following, if any, are the main reasons that you or your household recycles? Choose up to three:*
  11. Everyone in the community should recycle:*
  12. Recycling has a positive impact:*
  13. I actively look for information on recycling:*
  14. I feel like my recycling gets dumped in with the trash:*
  15. Recycling is difficult:*
  16. Recycling is not worth the effort:*
  17. Leave This Blank:

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