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Statement of Compliance and Request for Acceptance Testing of a Fire Protection System

  1. Instructions for Completing the Form:
    Please fill out the form completely. Check the box indicated if the system installed was for the entire building. Otherwise, use the space provided to describe the specific area of the building where the work was performed.
  2. Is the entire permitted project complete?*
  3. Is the work performed for entire building?*
  4. Indicate the type of system installed:*
  5. Are there any deviations from approved plans?*
    If yes, then please submit As Built plans prior to requesting final inspection
  6. I undersigned do hear by certify that the above system installed, under the above referenced permit, is in accordance with the approved plans and has been tested in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and the appropriate installation standard. Any deviations from approved plans require submission of As-Built plans. Not providing required documents might delay final inspection.
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