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Soliciting, Canvassing and Peddling Application

  1. Applicant Information:
  2. If under 17 years of age, must have working papers
  3. Legal Information:
    The applicant must fully disclose all arrests and convictions other than those that are traffic related. Failure to truthfully complete the application will result in denial.
  4. Application for License:
    Affidavit: I hereby swear or affirm that the statement made herein are true. I am a citizen of the United States. Other than the arrests, convictions listed above, I have never been convicted of a violation of law in any state of municipality, excluding those that are traffic related.
  5. Business Information:
  6. Type of Ownership
  7. Business /Partnership:
  8. Driver Information:
  9. Licensing Information:
    The Clerk may, at their discretion, request that the Canton Police Department review an application for a license and to make recommendations regarding the application. The Clerk may reject an application based on an unfavorable report. A License shall NOT be issued to: 1. A person whose license under this article has bee revoked within the last year. 2. A person unless the application is fully and completely filled, and the applicant discloses fully all arrests and convictions other than those that are traffic related. Failure to completely and truthfully complete the application shall result in a denial. 3. A person who materially misrepresents any facts or statements on his license application. 4. A person who has been convicted of a felony or any crime related to or involving home invasion, breaking and entering, theft, dishonestly, false statement or fraudulent scheme, trick or device, a violation of any municipal soliciting ordinance within the two years prior to the application being submitted to the township, or any crime that is an unreasonable threat to persons or property within the township. 5. A person whose master driving record indicates that his use of a motor vehicle in association with a requested license may present an unreasonable threat to persons or property within the township by such use of a motor vehicle. The subsection does not apply to persons exempt from including a copy of their master driving record as described in subsection 54-32(a)(11). 6. If the applicant or activity to be licensed constitutes an apparent danger to the health, safety, and welfare to the people of the township.
  10. Non-refundable License Fee:
    $120.00 per solicitor, peddler, canvasser or assistant per calendar year
  11. Section 54-34 & 35 Registration Exemptions: See the Codification of Ordinances for License, Registration, Fees and Exemptions.
  12. Each license, or registration ID card hereafter issued, shall expire on midnight on the last day of December of each year unless revoked under Article 54 of the Canton Township Code of Ordinances
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