What is an Independent Child Class?
These classes are designed for preschoolers to attend independently from their adult caretaker(s). It is a great chance for children to learn, socialize, and play with the other children in the class. Not sure your preschooler is ready yet? Please don't hesitate to call us at 734/394-5374 to discuss with our Preschool Coordinators who may be able to help!

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1. My child doesn’t quite meet the age requirement for a program but is close, can I still register her for the class?
2. My child is almost potty-trained, but not quite, should I register him for a class?
3. My preschooler has a sibling that is an infant/baby. The baby won't be participating, but I would like to bring him/her to class with us. Is this permitted?
4. I would really like to register my child for a class, but the class is full, what should I do?
5. What is an Independent Child Class?