How does the Cultural Commission involve the community in developing the arts?
Canton Cultural Commission
"Ensuring high quality cultural arts that are accessible to and sustained by the Greater Canton community."

The Cultural Commission serves as advocates for the enhancement of the arts in the community, promoting public awareness and participation in the cultural arts, and encouraging art education. A strategic plan was developed to ensure that high quality cultural arts are accessible to and sustained by the greater Canton community. The Cultural Commission’s planning strategies include the following active subcommittees:

  • Public Art Committee
  • Partnership for the Arts and Humanities
  • Community Advisory Council
  • Artists Advisory Council
  • Volunteer Council
  • Communication and Marketing Committee
  • Partnerships and Collaborations Committee

The commission meets the 3rd Monday every other month. Sub-committees meet during opposite months.

Fun Artsy Facts!
Did You Know……

  • Since the Village Theater at Cherry Hill celebrated its grand opening on September 11, 2004, there have been over 50,000 visitors, 180 performances, and 1,000 other events sponsored. Volunteer ushers have logged over 4,000 hours of service at the theater. This premier performing arts center is home to entertainers of all ages, hosting theater, dance, song and musicals.
  • "Pillars of Art" at Liberty Fest were painted by D&M Studio artists of all ages. Make sure you enjoy this refreshing public art while visiting Liberty Fest!
  • "Concerts in the Park" are held all summer in Heritage Park on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. Bring your blankets or folding chairs and relax on the amphitheater lawn while listening to great music!
  • Local Artist Eddie Kulczycki of Minds Eye Studio created the beautiful murals located in the Village Theater & the Human Resource Building at Cherry Hill Village.
  • Artworks by various artists and art clubs are displayed and rotated monthly at the Township Administration Building, the Village Theater and the Summit on the Park.
  • Canton has offered cultural activities for many years. The Canton Fine Arts Exhibition is in it’s 13th year. Back Yard Beats brings entertainment to local parks and subdivisions. The DDA will be hosting Lots of Fun this summer in parking lots along Ford Road. Over 3,200 visitors attend the Thursday Night Concerts in the Park each summer.

Check out the Village Theater website for more information and events.

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