Building & Inspection Services


1150 S. Canton Center Road
Canton, MI 48188



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Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Employee Directory

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams, Jeffrey Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector 734/394-5164  
Bowers, Eric Mechanical Inspector 734/394-5215  
Creamer, Robert Building Official 734/394-5200  
Dodson, John Building Inspector 734/394-5219  
Duty, Robonna Clerk III 734/394-5200  
Eisenbeis, Alison Clerk IV 734/394-5200  
Falzon, Patrick Electrical Inspector 734/394-5221  
Flis, Joe Electrical Inspector 734/394-5176  
Gotts, Dawn Clerk IV 734/394-5200  
Hyzer, Aaron Residential Rental Inspector I 734/394-5216  
McMillen, Herman Residential Rental Inspector 734/394-5154  
Meier, Lisa Clerk III 734/394-5200  
Munson, Steve Plumbing Inspector 734/394-5212  
Peppers, Z'avala Clerk III 734/394-5200  
Ratcliffe, Larry Building Inspector 734/394-5218  
Ross, Molly Clerk III 734/394-5200  
Urbanek, Joseph Residential Rental Inspector I 734/394-5217  
Walker, Gloria Permit & Plan Reviewer 734/394-5213  
Zawierucha, Stephanie Clerk III 734/394-5200