Aquatic Fitness Class Descriptions

Aquatic Fitness Schedule (PDF): Fitness class schedules are updated by season. Schedules are subject to change based on facility needs and instructor availability.

Level Class Description


These classes are suitable for individuals who have not been active for some time, including those who are sedentary or recovering from injury or illness. Classes feature simple movements and lower intensity workouts with a focus on proper technique and form.


Gentle Aqua (BB, SEN) 

This invigorating yet gentle approach to water aerobics is perfect if you are new to exercise, recovering from injuries or any other physical challenges. This class will increase your aerobic capacity, give you strength, tone your muscles and improve your posture and balance, while motivating you to move! 


Try these classes if you have been actively participating in a fitness program for at least 4 months with few/no physical limitations. Intermediate classes may include activities with moderate-to-high levels of aerobic activity.

Intense Aqua (BB) 

This class will get you moving and get your heart pumping! Using equipment, work through a series of interval exercises that raise your heart rate in the water for an intense cardio workout.

Intermediate to Advanced


Aqua Tone

Challenge and enhance your workout with the use of buoyancy and resistance equipment. Water cuffs worn at your ankles, with hand held buoys act and feel like weight training on land. A great class to strengthen and tone. (*Participants should arrive early to put on equipment.) 

Intermediate River Blast & Sculpt 

Work with and against the current in the Lazy River to maximize your workout. Challenge your strength and cardio with this low-impact water class that will get your heart-rate pumping. (*Participants should wear aqua socks or water shoes.)


Check out our Advanced classes if you are a recreational athletes who regularly engages in fitness activities at moderate-to-high levels of intensity. Advanced classes may feature advanced movements, high-intensity interval training, and/or high-impact drills.


70-Minute Advanced River Blast & Sculpt 

 Increase your aerobic endurance with this fast-paced, cardio class in the Lazy River. Plus, get 20 minutes of upper body sculpting using equipment. Challenge your heart and muscles as you walk, jog and run with and against the current for an intense workout that is easy on your joints. (*Participants should wear aqua socks or water shoes.)


Advanced River Blast & Sculpt 

Take your water routine up another notch with our Advanced River class. Work with and against the current in the Lazy River at a faster pace to maximize your workout. Challenge your strength and cardio with this low-impact water class. (*Participants should wear aqua socks or water shoes.)

All Levels

These classes offer many options to make the workout your own! Instructors provide a series of modifications to suit a variety of levels. Move through intervals or circuits at your own pace for an individualized workout. 


Arthritis Aqua (BB, SEN)

The support of the water combined with active stretches for each muscle group will improve joint mobility and flexibility. Your body will gain strength, endurance and balance in this joint-friendly class. All exercises are performed with your body in a vertical position and your feet on the pool floor. Arthritis Foundation Certified Instructors. The water is kept at 83 to 86 degrees and our pool is accessible by stairs or chair lift.

Water Walking (BB, SEN)

Whether you are recovering from an injury, have chronic joint concerns, or are just looking to mix up your fitness routine, water walking is a great way to build fitness. The water eases stress on your joints while providing resistance to build muscle. Move through the Lazy River at your own pace, creating your own level of difficulty for a custom workout. Note: There is no instructor for water walking. Participants walk in 1 direction only. For the safety of all guests, every 15 minutes lifeguards will direct participants to change walking directions.