Adult Softball

The Canton Sports Center is at the heart of Victory Park, including 12 lighted ball fields with 300' fences and bleacher seating. Families are welcome to enjoy the open space, a kids playscape, a full service restaurant, outdoor patios and concessions. Adult softball leagues available at the Canton Sports Center that offer competitive and recreational play. 

REMINDER:  Pets are not allowed at the Canton Sports Center.

2022 ADULT Spring SEASON SOFTBALL April 18-June 16


Co-Ed Rec (Orange)
Men's D/E Rec

Men's D/E Rec

Men's D/E Rec
Co-Ed Rec (Green) 5:00/6:15pm
Men's E Rec (Green)

Co-Ed E Rec  Men's E Rec (Green)
Men's E Rec
Men's E Rec (Orange)

Men's E Rec (Orange)

Men's E Rec (Blue)
  • All Leagues are DOUBLE-HEADERS 
  • Game Times:
    • Sundays:  Co-Ed 5 pm / 6:15 pm, Men's 7:30 pm / 8:45 pm
    • Mondays, Wednesday, or Thursdays:  6:30 pm / 7:45 pm
  • Times may be adjusted due to number of teams or need for make-ups
  • Sign up for text alerts at Search for Canton Sports Center.
  1. 2022 Softball Info
  2. Waivers / Forms
  3. Fees and Registration
  4. Free Agent Players

Spring Registration now open

  • Spring online registration
  • Spring season begins April 18, 2022
  • Free Agent Players Welcome
  • Team Uniform Specials (DO Apparel in Livonia)
  • Reminder: Pets are not allowed at the Canton Sports Center

Softball Division Definitions

Class Skill Level
Home Runs
Men's D/E Men's teams looking for highly competitive play - unlimited D/E - four C+ max
Men's E Rec (Green) Men's upper E recreational teams - unlimited D or E - two D Elite max
Men's E Rec (Orange) Mid level of men's E play - 3  E tourney players - no D or above
Men's E Rec (Blue) Lowest level of men's play - No tourney players 

Co-Ed Rec 
A mix of upper & lower rec teams with position games assigned per skill level
Recreational level play more rec than tourney players