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Graciela Bustos, 

Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz, and Madalynn Rieksts-

women~compositions in color

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is pleased to exhibit "Women~Compositions in Color",  a collection of abstract paintings, photos and sculptures by artists Graciela Bustos, Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz, and Madalynn Rieksts, August 30, 2019 through September 29, 2019.

There will be a free reception honoring the works of the artists on September 9, 2019 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Artist Statement of Graciela Bustos

For time immemorial, light has been a mystery, an obsession, a gift from God, essential and revered.  I’ve learned to capture it and transform it.  When reflected it’s magical and infinite.  When absorbed, light creates shadows and forces moving objects to dance on surfaces, as in wind-blown leaves in sunlight.

I, too worship light.  As an artist I am inspired by its miraculous altering quality.  Light’s ability to alter objects, making some appear larger, others smaller and exposing texture and form can only be demonstrated visually.

My collective vision, with my background in painting, sculpture and performance are reflected in these latest works.

ARTIST STATEMENT OF Ilham badreddine mahfouz

Abstract Art appeals to me for the Mystery and imagination of expression it affords.

Our world has vast diversity. In a magnificent mosaic of humanity, there is great cultural richness. We can reach out to each other and get to know each other by sharing knowledge and exchanging cultural values and information. With this, truly, we will progress toward an advanced future for all humanity.

There is a great space of colors and lines to be traveled with beautiful textures and shapes in harmony, a world of discovery for great uncharted territories that enhance one’s Character. I hope that by reaching out to you, you will reach out to me, and we will begin our journey.


Sometimes I have a goal for a shape in mind when I form the wire and stretch the nylon, but often times I bend willy-nilly and see what happens! This is one of the reasons I decided to name the sculptures “Flights of Fancy”. Once the sculpture has been primed, I look at the shape and see if it inspires me in any way. Sometimes it is colors or materials that I see, other times it is themes. My sculptures often draw inspiration from nature both in theme and color, but occasionally are just an explosion of experimental fun! The themes and materials are always fun to create, but the color inspired sculptures often hold a more meaningful journey for me in their creation process.


Graciela has earned a BFA from Eastern Michigan University, an Associates from Oakland Community College and has studied at the Detroit Center for Creative Studies, as well as the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association. 

She has had multiple exhibits in Dayton, OH; Detroit, MI; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; Kalamazoo, MI and Holly, MI.  She has also been featured in articles and reviews locally, nationally and internationally.  She has received numerous awards and recognition.  


ILham is an Arab American Artist, born in Damascus Syria.  She is an Eastern Michigan University Graduate (B.F.A) with a double concentration in Ceramic and Painting, and Minor in Art History.

She has had 13 solo art exhibits in Michigan , and participated in more than 98 group art exhibits nationally and internationally as well as winning several awards.  Her artwork can be found on display at the National Arab American Museum in Dearborn, MI, the New Art Museum in Armada, MI and also in the Museum of Human Rights in Denmark (Human Rights Flag).

She is currently an art teacher at the Pontiac Art Center, and volunteers as a teacher of Arabic Language in the Bloomfield Hills Unity Center, as well as teaching art to Autistic children.


Madalynn is a full-time wife and mother of three children ages 4 and younger.  She received her BFA in Production Design and Technology from Ohio University. Madi started her own business in 2015, Flying Moose Boutique, in an effort to utilize all her artistic skills and accounting experience, and to give a creative outlet in the midst of motherhood. While silk floral has become the main focus of her business, she still loves to wood burn and make an occasional flight of fancy.

september ART WORKSHOP

Art & Yoga Workshop on September 18, 2019 from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Save the Date for Next Month's Exhibition:

27th Fine Arts Exhibition, October 1, 2019 through October 26, 2019. On October 4, 2019 the Village Theater will be hosting a Free Reception and Awards Ceremony to honor the artists.  Reception at 6:30 p.m. followed by the Awards Ceremony on the Main Stage at 7:30 p.m. 

October art workshop :

One Shutter at a Time - a Photography  Workshop by Sylvia Ford on October 23, 2019 from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

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The Gallery @ VT: Art Exhibition Schedule


  • September: "Women - Compositions in Color" Graciela Bustos, Ilham Mahfouz, and Madalyn Rieksts - Abstract Exhibit
  • October: 27th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
  • November: Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild
  • December: Christine Walters - Watercolor

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