Canton Road Construction update

The following is a list of road construction projects scheduled to take place in 2021.  All Canton Road Improvement Projects are funded by a road millage passed in 2018. Canton began repairs to the roads in our community in 2019 using the funding from the approved Road Millage. The intent of the Canton Road Improvement Program is to provide flexibility year-to-year to match revenues from the millage to the prioritize projects. To view a list of completed millage projects, click here.

View an interactive map of all road projects.

Canton Road Improvement Projects

2021 Primary Roads:

  • Canton Center: Rehabilitation and repair work from Cherry Hill to Ford Road.
  • Sheldon Road: Repairs from Cherry Hill to Ford Road.
  • Haggerty Road: Repairs from Michigan Avenue to Van Born.

2021 Local Subdivision Match Projects:

  • Willow Homes
  • Wilshire Estates
  • Century Farms
  • Glengarry Village I
  • Central Park II
  • Nowland Estates
  • Pheasant Woods
  • Salem Manor
  • Central Park I
  • Mayfair Village
  • Cobblestone Ridge
  • Woodwind Estates
  • Cherry Knoll

The 2021 program is already filled however Homeowner Associations and other interested resident groups who wish to participate in the 2022 program can call Canton's Engineering Services Division at 394-5150.

State Roads:

The Ford Road Boulevard project is also moving forward. MDOT has awarded the contract to for the Design Consultant. Public meetings on the project will begin later this year.  Information will be posted on the MODT website as it becomes available.  

What about the potholes?

Funds generated from the road millage will not be going toward routine County or State maintenance activities (i.e. the filling of potholes, snowplowing, etc.). That work will continue to be done by Wayne County. The millage funds will be used for very specific capital projects, the tentative list of which for 2019 can be seen here.

Additionally, the millage increase will appear on December tax bills, which means funds will not be available until January at the earliest. Residents can expect some projects to begin in the spring of 2019.

2021 Wayne County Projects:

PLEASE NOTE:  Any and all information will be published as soon as the County makes it available. These projects are subject to change and all questions should be directed to Wayne County by calling 313/224-7600.

  • Cherry Hill Road (Lilley to Haggerty): Widen and HMA Resurfacing.  In addition, Haggerty Road 600’ north and Cherry Hill Road 400’ south will also be widened and resurfaced.  

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