Land Fitness Class Descriptions

Land Fitness Class Schedule: Fitness class schedules are updated by season. Schedules are subject to change based on facility needs and instructor availability. 





These classes are suitable for individuals who have not been active for some time featuring lower intensity with simple choreography.


Arthritis Foundation Land Exercise (BB, SEN) 

 This Arthritis Foundation land exercise program is designed specifically for people with arthritis and related conditions. Gentle activities are performed to increase joint flexibility and range of motion. Maintain muscle strength and increase your stamina as you set your own pace doing exercises seated and standing. Enjoy a variety of strength and endurance activities with equipment and relaxation techniques. Arthritis Foundation certified Instructors.


Zumba Gold (BB, SEN) 

This innovative exercise class is powered by great Latin music and fun! Designed specifically for active older adults, Zumba Gold is low impact and less intense than our regular Zumba, but still an absolute blast! 

Beginner to Intermediate


B.E.S.T. of Health (BB, SEN) 

 This class will get you into your BEST of Health. You will focus on Balance (standing exercises), Endurance (low impact aerobics), Strength (resistance training), and Toning (mat exercises). You will see and feel the benefits of doing this total body workout to increase your fitness level.


Yoga (BB)

This traditional form of yoga focuses on stretching postures that help the body become flexible and firm. This mat class uses meditation poses to help reduce stress and tension, as well as increase vitality, improve circulation, and tone the body.



Try these classes if you have been actively participating in a fitness program for at least 4 months with few or no physical limitations.  Intermediate classes may include activities with moderate to high levels of aerobic activity.


Half & Half

This cardio and strength training class teams up aerobics with toning for a well rounded and interesting cardiovascular and fat burning workout


Interval Cardio & Strength 

 Give both your cardio and strength training a boost in one great class! Alternate between fun cardio routines and a strength workout to get an awesome overall workout.



Move at a consistent tempo between seated and standing poses while combining traditional yoga with the bonus of core training from the Pilates method


Step & Sculpt

Step aerobics combines toning and sculpting of upper and lower body, using hand weights, dynabands and exertubes


YogaFit (BB)

YogaFit is designed to improve the health, performance, and mental acuity of athletes or individuals interested in increasing their fitness. Based on the ancient fitness science of hatha yoga, it blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format.

Intermediate to Advanced    

Boot Camp

Join us for an intense fitness challenge! Our boot camp will feature traditional military style conditioning, plyometric training, boxing and kickboxing, strength training and much more. It's never the same workout twice!


BOSU Boot Camp

This 45 minute class incorporates the use of a BOSU and other equipment to create intense core challenges mixed with cardio. These boot camp drills will help you to challenge your balance, agility, cardiovascular, and muscular strength.


Interval Step & Sculpt

Add sculpting to your step routine for a more intense fitness program. Step heights will be adjusted periodically to get your heart pumping during aerobic portions of the class. Between intervals, build strength using your own body weight and a variety of equipment.


Power Pump

Get ready to challenge your muscles with this resistance and cardio class. Use resistance bands, weights, and a variety of other equipment. You will leave class energized after this complete body workout.


Power Yoga

Our 70-minute power yoga class is a version of the Ashtanga Yoga and is similar to Vinyasa yoga. Poses are linked together in a flowing sequence designed to challenge the body. This class is great for those individuals looking for a new way to achieve a strong, lean, and toned body.

All Fitness Levels


These classes offer many options to make the workout your own! Instructors provide a series of modifications to suit a variety of levels.


20-Minute Ab Lab

In just 20 minutes, tone your core muscles through a fun workout! Our instructors will take you through a variety of exercises designed to challenge and sculpt your abdominal and related muscles.


Cardio & Strength

Enjoy a complete workout by alternating simple, easy cardio steps with a strength routine. Improve your cardiovascular health, and then work with weights to increase strength and toning. Get a total body workout with just one class!


Circuit Training

Strength training and cardio come together in a time efficient workout. Move through timed stations to keep your body moving while improving your tone and strengthening all major muscle groups.


Kettlebell AMPD

Takes heart pumping music and your favorite kettlebell moves, and combines them into calorie torching fun. This class is designed to provide you with an intense full-body workout, utilizing kettlebells of various weights, and will put smile on your face!



Learn kickboxing basics in a fun environment! Classes are designed to get your heart pumping through choreographed kickboxing moves. This floor class is great for cardiovascular endurance and strengthening large muscle groups.


Strength Builder

This is a class for anyone who wants to develop muscle strength utilizing a variety of equipment and bodyweight exercises.



Zumba is a high-energy class that uses a fusion of Latin and International music to create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness program.